Open Minds Quarterly: Summer 2016


Volume XVIII, Issue II

Mapping Recovery in Northern Ontario. The Summer 2016 issue is a special topic edition bringing together writers from across the north, including Sudbury, Thunder Bay, James Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Timmins. The stories within speak to how our remoteness and our proximity to the natural world can have both its isolating, paralytic affects, as well as, providing a healing environment for renewal and growth. In this issue you’ll find an essay by Kailee Chartrand-Marconi who realizes that the glass-like surface of the water can be deceptive, just like life; “Fishing in the Current Stream” by Ray Laporte, a story which shows us how peace can be found for artists in the hills above Sudbury; and, Louise Ells’ fictional piece, “Northern Lights”, speaking to the joy found on the first day of a new job. Also inside are two poems from Sudbury’s first female poet laureate, Kim Fahner, as well as poetry from Sylvia Gravelle, Linda M. Bayley, Cindy O’Neil. Ashley Laframboise, Louise Visneskie, Ariel Phillips, and Jordan Bortolotto. 

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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