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Open Minds Quarterly: Winter 2016


Volume XVII, Issue IV

The Winter issue speaks to the experiences and dynamics of families, ones in which great pains were inflicted and agony projected – sometimes over generations – and yet the drive to develop an open, understanding, and compassionate heart and mind, persists. M.T. Fox’s story, Hibernation, shows us the power of honesty and gentleness in healing oneself, and honouring a loved one who, in their own visceral struggle, invoked painful wounds. Linda M. Bayley’s article on the self-infliction of wounds gets clear and real about cutting, and, being cut down from the eyes of others who see the wounds; Bonnie Keller sheds light and an often-unheard-perspective from the media in covering celebrity suicides in Hollywood in, The Other Side of Madness: A Tribute to Robin Williams.  Also in this winter edition is poetry from Emily Crozier, Jason Fritz, Kely Butterworth, Karen Vande Bossche, Molly Kirschner, Dennis Roth, Leatha Lin Carter, dean allan, Meggie Royer and Danny Barbare.

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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