Open Minds Quarterly: Winter 2015


Volume XVI, Issue IV

The stories in this current issue will remind readers on the healing power of laughter, and how there should always be space for ones belief system to be challenged and changed. The issue features Steven Lappen’s experience of how comedy and tragedy, and the laughter that is triggered from both experiences play an integral role in ones return to wellness and wholeness; Christina Nicholson’s story of a TV reporter reminded to see the grey in a seemingly black-and-white news story; a book review on The Empty Room by Lauren B. Davis ; and poetry from David Lawrence, Julie Heckman, Kent D. Berg, Jessica Goody, Kya Reaves, Beth Brown Preston, Rhonda Melanson, Jason Cant, M.P. Newman, Linda Fuchs, Raymond Beaulieu, Matthew Freeman, and Jerry Hauser.

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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