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Open Minds Quarterly: Summer 2015


Volume XVII, Issue II

In this issue we see Mercede Zapata’s story of meeting her biological father, “Cosmic Charlie”, a homeless man who has schizophrenia, leaving us struck by not only Zapata’s perceptions during their encounter, but also her sensitivity to how her father is experiencing their first meeting; Rua Mercier’s clear illustration of the enormous effort of seemingly simple tasks in the middle of depression; Jeffrey LaPointe, who invites us into his paranoia and delusions during his first encounter with schizophrenia; and poetry from Jason Cant, Jacqualine A. Hart, Judith Chiorazzi, Eleanor Hurton, E.V. Noechel, Tonya Eberhard, Maureen Comerford, Joe Dumontelle, Oliva Stearn, Cecilia Tolley, Stephen John Furlong, Maranda Russell and Samantha Burton.

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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