Open Minds Quarterly: Summer 2010


Volume XII, Issue II

The Summer 2010 issue was a special issue on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that examined the impacts of living with the psychological injuries received in the line of fire. The issue covered a story by a former sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who was transformed upon his arrival home, no longer able to find joy in the banalities of daily life; a personal account from a man who once found airports places of wonder, excitement and adventure, but since his time in the American military, his perceptions changed and he has come to view them as places linked to sad eyes, lost time and torn memories; a review on Abram Hoofer’s book “The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism”; and a poem that explores one man’s experiences with alienation and his many pleas of “don’t tell me…” when others constantly try to define for him what to do, what to think, and who to be.

Summer 20120 Contents

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