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Open Minds Quarterly: Spring 2016


Volume XVIII, Issue I

The Spring issue includes Allen M.Price’s story about battling logic and love in the decision to reveal to his significant other that he has OCD;  Barbara McCarthy’s singing lesson providing unexpected insights and gratitude from an unlikely person in her life; a book review on Dog Medicine, and an open letter to those that want to cover their ass** that speaks to how your job promotion shouldn’t be held up just because you take medication. The Spring issue also features the winners of the 14th Annual BrainStorm Poetry Contest and poetry from Miles Liss, Marina Ellis, Michaela Armstrong, Anthony Racic, Terry Trowbridge, Diane Clements, Claire Kennedy, D. Germano, Emily Crozier, Amy Sprague, Kirk Van Dyke, Chad Frank, Meggie Royer, Marcus E.Darnell, Danny Barbare, and Charlotte Eriksson.

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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