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Open Minds Quarterly: Spring 2015


Volume XVII, Issue I

The essays and stories in this current issue explore the various perceptions that we can hold of oneself and of others. Joseph Lamb’s essay “Too Many Minds”  speaks to the value in removing our minds from what we perceive others are thinking of us, and instead focusing on being truly present; Gyasi Byng’s story opens us to thinking of a different understanding of “strength”,  and Dr. Brian Anderson reminds us how changing one’s perception requires an act of human love – for others, and importantly, for oneself. Included in this issue are also the winning poems of the 13th Annual BrainStorm Poetry Contest, and poetry from Leatha Lin Carter, Samantha Burton, Donal Mahoney, Jerry Hauser, Jacqualine A. Hart, Julia Alexanader, Ashley Laframboise, Jessica Goody, David Lawrence, Matthew Freeman, E.V. Noechel.

This issue is also available in digital form through KOBO.

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