Open Minds Quarterly: Spring 2007


Volume IX, Issue I

The Spring 2007 issue covered a story about the power of the human touch and having a loving support when you are suffering from depression; a personal account of one writer who took a leap of faith into new science and was able to beat her illness; an essay written by a “noncompliant mental patient” who found ignoring good medical advice and using ‘bad judgement’ to be the right path for her in overcoming her illness; a movie review on the documentary “Unbreakable Minds”; and a poem on a schizophrenic writers hope and ability to be a survivor – a survivor from the stigma of the intolerant, mind-numbing medications, fears, bad relationships, loss of loved ones and the continuing survival from her mental illness. The winners of the 5th Annual Brainstorm Poetry Contest were also featured inside.


Spring 2007 Contents

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