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Open Minds Quarterly: Fall 2005


Volume VII, Issue III

The Fall 2005 issue was a special edition that contained stories written by youth who expressed their perspectives on what it was like to live with a mental illness. The issue featured a story about an obsessive-compulsive hand washer who spent a night at a monastery with no water and had to learn about what the ritual meant to her; a story about the challenges of living with Asperger’s; a fictional tale about a young woman who struggled with relating to her family and friends, as well as finding her place as a student in a university that had many judgmental people; a book review on Susan Klebanoff’s book “Up and Downs: How to Beat the Blues and Teen Depression”; and a poem  about a woman’s ‘accomplishment’ of being anorexic in a society that celebrates this form of living for women, and how once she achieved this vision of living, she no longer felt the desire or ability to smile or have any real emotions.



Fall 2005 Contents

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