Anthology_Cover_Front-webOpen Minds Quarterly is now in its fifteenth year of publication, and to celebrate this milestone we released our first anthology of selections from the magazine. Entitled In New Light: The many paths of identity, struggle and mental illness, the book features selections from the magazine from 1998 to 2011 and examines how a person can hold on to their identity in the struggle for wellness.

With such a wealth of experience shared by our writers, we wanted to carry it forward into the future by introducing it to new readers. Like Open Minds Quarterly, the 108-page trade paperback features poetry, essays, fiction and personal accounts of experience with mental illness. Long-time OMQ readers will recognize the authors, and new readers will be introduced to the insightful and talented contributors we regularly meet here.

In New Light is available in print or as an eBook for only $22.95. Click on over to our online store to learn how you can get your copy of this one-of-a-kind anthology.

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