Strong. Creative. Insightful.

This is how we describe someone with a mental illness. Our magazine proves it.

Open Minds Quarterly is a literary magazine that publishes the writing of people with lived experience of mental illness. Often, people with mental illnesses are stigmatized, or overlooked. Once you read an issue of Open Minds Quarterly, you’ll see what we see: strong, creative, intelligent, human writers, people who have stories to share. Our magazine opens minds, and opens hearts. Poetry, fiction, essays, first-person accounts, and more — you’ll find it all in Open Minds Quarterly.

Open Minds Quarterly. Remarkable.

Open Minds Quarterly is the official publication of The Writer’s Circle, a program of a peer-run mental health organization called Northern Initiative for Social Action in Sudbury, Ontario. Open Minds Quarterly began as a two-page newsletter distributed across Ontario in 1998. Now, through its North American distribution, Open Minds Quarterly informs mental health professionals, fellow consumer/survivors and their families and friends, as well as society at large of the strength, intelligence, and creativity of consumer/survivors.

The purpose of this publication is to decrease the stigmatization surrounding mental illness by enlightening others of our experiences and illustrating that mental illness should be viewed the same way as any other illness – it is not asked for, it is not a personality flaw or a weakness.  It is debilitating and scrutinizing, but it becomes even more so when society cannot see beyond the mask of mental illness and view the individual underneath with an Open Mind.

Now, 15 years later, NISA continues to publish Open Minds Quarterly, and we work with writers from across the globe, both beginning writers and experienced. We encourage submissions from anyone who has experienced mental illness. If you would like to find out more about what type of writing we seek, visit our Submissions Guidelines page to learn more. 



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